You join me at a very exciting point in my career as an author. My first book has gone live! (I know Lucinda has three books and a box set but they don’t count around here!) It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure as I wait for my friends and family to read it and report back. This could be a very short-lived career!

The book is currently at its introductory price so if you fancy getting hold of a bargain then now’s the time to do it. Just hop over to Amazon and get it downloaded! As ever, if you do read it please could you leave an honest review because without social proof it will be very hard for me to convince people that don’t know me to read it. It’s also been featured on BookHippo which is a site which recommends books in the UK so that’s really exciting!

The marketing side of my new career is just half of the story though. I also need books to sell so this week I was delighted to write THE END on the last page of the next book The Thing About Clare which I now need to start editing prior to sending it to my editor for her comments next month.

Lucinda has been busy too. The Mum Swap will be on a promotion later this week so if you want to bag a free copy for someone who might like it then point them HERE from Wednesday onwards.

My review was a bit tricky this week as the book I started turned out to be not quite what I expected and so I had to abandon it. However, that allowed me to finish one that I’ve been reading for a while so every cloud. You can read my review HERE.

Anyway, now I have to get back to Author School. So much to learn! If it’s sunny where you are as it is here then enjoy it. Here’s where I’m writing from today.

Happy reading

Imogen x