Hi everyone.

Last week was a big week for me on my journey as an Indie author. When I published Lucinda’s first two books, I was rubbish at it. Despite countless tears and tantrums, I just couldn’t seem to make things work and I had to rely on other people to get the job done. Like many of you, I find that asking for and accepting help are not high on my list of skills. Having to do so to get my books out there left me feeling totally inadequate and entirely dependent on others – hardly an Indie author!

Fast forward a year and lots of courses, podcasts and reading later and I can now format and publish a book all by myself!!  Last week, I republished the first two books and published the third without any help at all. I consider this to be progress and I am absolutely delighted.

I also got my adult book Postcards from a Stranger back from my editor with lots of lovely, positive comments about both my story and my writing which was a real confidence booster. Lack of validation is one of the major hurdles I am going to have to overcome so to know that the editor was impressed meant a lot.

So this week, I need to switch hats from Publisher to Author and get on with the rewrites. I’m also starting to think about what my cover should look like so that will make a nice distraction when the words start spinning on the page! Watch this space for my possible ideas. I’ll need all the feedback I can get.

In other news, this week, I read A History of Britain in 21 Women by Jenni Murray and you can read what I thought about it HERE. I’ve also started reading Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler which is the next book for our Book group. It’s a very easy read which suits me just fine when I have all this other stuff in my head. If you fancy reading along then get hold of a copy and then put your comments in the FORUM so we can all see what you think.

In the meantime, have a great week and happy reading.

Imogen x