Do things look a little different round here to you? I’ve spent my Easter weekend fiddling with photos and codes and here is the result.

It all started because I am thinking about the cover for my new novel Postcards from a Stranger which should be published in the Summer. I have been wondering how I want to present myself and my books to the outside world and whilst these things can always be changed, I thought it might be easier if I get it right from the beginning.

Inspired by my friend Jenni Smith‘s beautiful logo, I devoured a book called How to Style Your Brand which gave me plenty to think about and this new site is the result so far, achieved within my technological and budgetary restraints. I hope you like it.

New to the site is my Writing area which I will use to showcase my work. Keep an eye on it as I will be posting a Short Story very soon.

Some things haven’t changed though. There is a new Review for you to read – a startling and thought-provoking read about what might happen if women ruled the world and of course I hope you are busy reading this month’s book, Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler for our Book Group Forum.

Finally, you might have noticed a new, cheeky little button at the bottom of the page! We struggling artists need to make a living too so if you like what I do and want to buy me a virtual coffee to keep me going through the long, lonely days then now you can!

As ever, please get in touch if you want to connect and SHARE my page with your contacts if you think they might like it. See the buttons to the right of the page. I would be really grateful.

Imogen x