Hi there.

It’s London Book Fair this week and I will be going for the very first time as a published author rather than a hopeful ingénue.

Actually, there are two untruths in that sentence. Firstly, I have been to London Book Fair before. A friend and I visited a couple of years ago. I found it totally overwhelming. Lots of stands, plenty of books and almost no people – that’s how I remember it anyhow. As we walked around Olympia I had the distinct impression that the cool stuff was happening somewhere else. We sat in on a couple of sessions at Author HQ and then went off for lunch feeling like we’d been at the wrong party.


The second untruth is that I really am still a hopeful ingénue! Yes, I now have four published books and a three book deal under my belt but I still have next to no idea about what happens at LBF!

But I shall learn. I have meetings in my diary like a real author and I’ve arranged to catch up with some of the other Lake Union writers who will hopefully take me under their wing and answer my endless questions.

And there’s a party! In fact, there are several but the one I am going to will be hosted by Amazon Publishing so that is very exciting. I’m not a party animal by nature preferring small groups to big crowds but I’m sure I’ll manage to make an exception for this!

Anyway, that all happens on Wednesday so I’ll report back on how I get on next week.

I also have some book cover news but you’ll just to wait until I’ve finished partying!

So, until then, happy reading.