So I’m slowly moving towards republication date for Postcards From a Stranger. My version of the paperback has now been removed from sale and so if you have one of those then hold on to it. It might be a collector’s piece one day! The new book will be published on 7th August and you can currently preorder it at the reduced price of £4.99 ( rather than the £8.99 that it will be once it’s republished.)

So now I’m full of curiosity to see what Amazon Publishing do for the new cover. I was very fond of my old one so I’m hoping that it’s something that I like just as much. (I was looking for a picture to show that everything is currently wide open on the cover front but I found this one which I really like instead  by Jared Poledna on Unsplash .  Not entirely relevant but hey? Who’s counting!)

In the meantime, I have hard at work with the developmental edit for the next book The Thing about Clare. This is the stage where I work with my editor to make sure that the plot and the characters are all as tight as they can possibly be. There haven’t been too many changes from my original draft. It’s more a case of adding chapters in rather than reworking the old ones so I’ve been having great fun inventing new situations for the various members of the Bliss family. I’ll share more about the plot of the book in due course and then the cover for that one too.

And then I will get on with writing book three. It is set mainly in Whitley Bay in the North East of England and so I have a research trip in the diary next month to go and choose some locations. Expect more after then.

I’m also very much looking forward to the Amazon Publishing Party at London Book Fair where I am hoping to finally put some faces to names and meet some of my fellow Lake Union authors in person. I am brimming over with questions.

In the meantime, my Book Café is going great guns and is a great place to be if you’re looking for ideas for your next read. Click HERE to pop over and join in the fun and please feel free to share with friends who enjoy reading the same kind of books as we do.

That’s it for this post but hopefully next time I will have plenty more news to share and lots of great pictures.

Until then, happy reading.