I’m such a warm weather creature – most definitely a lizard not a penguin. So each year I struggle with the British Winter. It’s not much to write home about. We don’t have masses of snow as a rule, nor do our temperatures plummet much below freezing so next to lots of other places we Brits get off remarkably lightly. But the worst part about a winter spent here in Yorkshire is the damp climate and interminable grey skies. The grey settles over my house like a blanket and sits there for what feels like months. My character Cara in Postcards From a Stranger faces a similar struggle with them too!

But no more. It’s March and, as far as I’m concerned anyway, that’s SPRING. I am no longer going to tolerate this bone-chilling greyness. I am ready for some sunshine. I may have to wait a little longer however, looking at the forecast.

 This week is busy. I am working hard on the copy edits for the republished Postcards From a Stranger which is going to be rereleased on 1st August. I am also going on one of my long training walks for my Dales Way adventure in June. In case you missed it, a friend and I are going to walk from Bowness in Windermere to Ilkley in June. It’ll take us the best part of a week and there are a couple of quite serious walking days on the route so I’m in training. I’m hoping that my feet will be up to the challenge! Expect lots more details about that as well as photos of our adventure nearer the time.

I’m also travelling down to the University of Birmingham to see the dance show that my eldest and the rest of the Dance Society have organised. I am thrilled that both my elder daughters dance for their universities. Dance in all its forms is a huge part of what happens in this house and it’s great to see them keeping up with it.

Well, that’s all my news for now. I’ll keep searching for signs of Spring and be back when I find some!