So it’s here! My all new website. What do you think? I’m really pleased and have to thank Simon and everyone at Bookswarm for their hard work and patience for getting me (keen and eager but with not much latent knowledge) to this point.

Please have a look round, click a few buttons and see what’s there. (If you come across anything that doesn’t look right then please let me know.) I would particularly like the ‘What I’m reading’ area as I’m inherently nosey about people’s book choices!

Of course, if you are interested in books you could do a lot worse than join my Book Café on Facebook. It’s a vibrant community of almost 300 other readers who all enjoy the same kind of books as me (and probably you) and there is always lots going on and book recommendations aplenty.

The other big news is that I am participating in a Live Chat on twitter with 45 of my fellow Lake Union authors. It will be on Tuesday 20th February kicking off around 3.30pm GMT and will go on all day. As well as a chance to talk to me and all the other authors, there will be competitions, giveaways and lots of new books to find and enjoy.

So if you use Twitter – or even if you don’t – just come along. Search for me @imogenclark or #LakeUnionAuthors to join in the fun!

Until then, happy reading.


Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash