I hope you all had a great January and are set to embrace February. I really struggle with the dark, grey Yorkshire winters and so March can’t come fast enough for me.

Great excitement around here as this week I got an actual postcard from a stranger. A Canadian reader had taken the book on holiday with her and enjoyed it so much that she decided to send me a postcard telling me. I am absolutely delighted! Wish I were in Hawaii too!

In other news, I finally finished my office. I will be sending pictures out in my monthly newsletter so if you don’t get that already then you can SUBSCRIBE by filling in the box on the right.

I will show you this though – my beautiful new painting, commissioned from local artist Kerry Stoker. It’s called ‘Future Perfect’ and is full of writing symbolism which I adore. I love the colours and the fluidity which reflects the ebb and flow of ideas in my head, amongst other aspects.

Finally, you might have missed my new Book Café which is now up and running on Facebook. It is already proving to be a vibrant space packed full of chat and great book recommendations. So, if you like to read the stuff that I write then click HERE to join in.

Work wise, I have just clicked Send on the developmental edit of Postcards which will be republished by Amazon Publishing in the summer. This means that we will now move to the edits of my second book which I am dying to be able to share with you. As soon as I have any more news I will let you know.

In the meantime, happy reading.

Imogen x