I’m no gardener. I mean, I do have a garden but it’s mainly lawn and a few ill-chosen plants that somehow manage to thrive despite the lack of love and attention.

But I do like gardens! Who doesn’t? And a girl can dream, right?

So off I trundled to Chelsea Flower Show to see how it’s meant to be done. They make it look so easy, those proper gardeners. Beautiful specimens all pushed in together so there are no gaps for the weeds to show through and each the perfect size and colour for its allotted space. To be honest, it was all a little overwhelming for the total beginner but, undeterred, I picked up all the planting schemes that I could carry and hoped for the best.

And now I’m home. I have lots of space and a lovely clear image in my mind’s eye of how I would like things to look. Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how to achieve it but I can learn. How hard can it be?!

Here are a few of my photos so you can see how the experts do it. Maybe in a few months time I might have something of my own to show you. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

So, how about you? Do you have green fingers? I’d love to see a picture.