I have big news!

Big news!

I have just signed a new four book deal with my wonderful publishers Lake Union. I’m delighted as you can imagine. The first two books are written and ready to start the editing process. One will come out in the autumn and the second next spring, I hope. And then I need to get my thinking cap on for the others! I have an idea for book three. Book four is an adventure waiting to happen!

Also, yesterday I came out in translation for the first time – German! There’s such a buzz attached to seeing your words in a different language ( but are they my words then? It’s a moot point! ) Anyway, so far so good. The book currently has a lovely orange Amazon Bestseller tag which is great. You can see the book here if you know anyone that reads German.

Wenn deine Zeilen mich berühren


So I’ll sign off now but please get in touch if you want to connect. I’d love to hear from you.