Hi everyone.

I see that some of you have finished the first Book Group book already and I have been shamefully lagging behind. Anyway, I turned the last page yesterday and have posted my initial thoughts in the thread to open the discussion, To get to it you have to click on the Book Group link HERE or at the top of the page. Then click on the Boy Made of Blocks topic in the forum and then on Imogen”s View in the next window. At the moment this feels a bit clunky to me but I can’t test how it works until I get some people participating so hopefully you can call all try to use it and then we’ll see if it works to not.

There’s also a new Book Review up on the Reviews page. Interesting this time for not what is actually in the book but how I consumed it. The world of publishing is ever seeking new ways to lure us in.

I look forward to getting a chat going about A Boy Made of Blocks. I think we might have some differing opinions on our first book so please say what you think. Don’t forget that we can be as honest (or rude) as we like about the book….just not to each other!

Imogen x