Hi everyone.

I am back from the second of my holidays which fell, coincidentally, in very quick succession to the first. This one, a trip to Lanzarote, was noteworthy because it was the first time we have been away without all four of our children. Even though my elder two are now adults (at least technically) they have yet to declare Vacation Independence and are still remarkably keen to come along with us –  a desire fed in no small part, I suspect, by my travel-lust in selecting the destinations.

This time though they were at University and, despite a little huffing and puffing on their part at the audacity of our dusting off the passports without them, they had to accept that life will continue when they are away.

Being down to half numbers is something that I’m getting used to at home but it was odd to not take up a whole row on an aeroplane. There were some advantages though. The younger two actually talked to us. Usually the four of them are so wrapped up in each other that my husband and I don’t really get much of a look in conversation-wise. And catching taxis is soooo much easier when you are four not six. I fear travelling as a reduced number is the future (although we will be back to a full complement this summer.)

In other news, the discussion is now open on A Boy Made of Blocks which I finished on the plane. If you want to see what I made of it then check out my thoughts here. To read the comments just click on A Boy Made of Blocks heading and that will take you in to the discussion.

There is also a new Forum where people can comment on anything else they’ve read. This was a request from one of our number and I think it’s a great idea.

Finally, this week’s book review is up too so check that out and see if you fancy adding it to your bedside pile.

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Imogen x

PS. The picture of me on a camel is a special treat for you!