Nearly the end of the year. And the decade. That sneaked up on me. I have never really got the hang of the 21st century. I never know what to call the year. I think 2010 (twenty ten) will be easier to say than 2005 ( two thousand and five or twenty five or oh five or whatever, which always sounds like a phone number to me).

So the time comes to reflect before moving on to plan for the next year. When the last decade rolled in I was still working more or less full time and had half as many children and far fewer wrinkles. Reflecting on the whole decade seems excessive. The last twelve months though I can just about manage. And I like what I see. People say that time is flying by as if it is a bad thing. My view is that if I am achieving things then the passage of time is an acceptable consequence. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was anything else that was worth having.

This year, I have watched my children continue to blossom and my husband keep afloat whilst all around him sink. I have followed a number of my own dreams too. There have been disappointments along the way and low patches too but if I were to categorise 2009 it would fall into the pretty good section.

And next year? Well, I will continue to strive for the things that I want and grasp the opportunities as they float passed. And I will nurture mine and care for those that care for me. And it doesn’t get much better than that does it?