It’s going to snow. You can see it in the heavy white clouds. You can feel it in the biting air. And the weatherman said so.

Actually, there is already snow on the ground. It fell silently in the dark of the early evening until not a patch of ground was visible beneath the white. The children woke and got on with their morning activities, unaware of the changed world outside. I knew of course but for a while I kept the secret, carefully judging my moment to tell them. And then out they ran in gloves and scarves and mismatched wellington boots to gallop around the garden in the dark and make footprints in every patch of fresh, powdery snow until no flat surface remained. And they make snow balls and snow angels and small snowy animals and they shriek and call to each other, oblivious of the still sleeping neighbours. And then cold and wet but with rosy cheeks and shining eyes they bound back into the kitchen and drip all over the floor whilst I strip them and put their gloves, crisp with compacted snow, on the aga to dry out before school.

This evening it will fall again. Inches are due to fall on the hard and now icy remains of Thursday’s offering. We are going to a party tonight, not far away. No need for the car. The invitation boldly states “party frocks and dancing shoes”. And so, bravely, killer heels in one hand and a bottle in the other, I shall set out with my husband across the valley hoping that my hair will survive the wind and my mascara won’t run. And we will laugh and talk and maybe dance as the snow falls again. And when it is time to leave, the world will be bright with the moon reflecting off the freshly fallen snow and we will crunch our way home, walking down the middle of deserted streets with killer heels in my hand.

Next week, with Christmas food to buy and turkey to collect the snow will be an inconvenience to be conquered. But today, safe in my warm house with the fairy lights twinkling and carols playing in the background, the anticipated snowfall is magical and exciting and makes me feel like a child again.