I am gradually taking over my little corner of the house by stealth. Softly, softly catchee monkey. No one seems to have noticed the subtle but continuous process of change that is under way. You will recall that I started with my metre square desk in a corner of the lean to off the kitchen. The desk has been in situ for about nine months and I honestly can’t remember what was in this spot before. Next came the shelves. Nothing grand – just three little floating shelves on the dead space above my square metre. On my shelves I put baskets because I am a girl. In my baskets there is stationery. More proof, should proof be needed, that this space belongs to a woman.

After that came the plants. There is a ridiculously over sized and over thirsty spider plant, sired from a pup that I stole from a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds. It drapes itself over the corner of the room like a curtain, sometimes curling up in disgust when I forget to water it. Then I acquired a mini orchid in a white ceramic pot. Its flowers look up at me like cheerful faces, encouraging me on in my endeavours.

Pictures next. A digital photo frame that my husband bought me for Christmas, a favourite snap of me and my son exploring Florence and some tiny shots of me paragliding above Mont Blanc last March to remind myself that there is a world outside these four walls.

This week I acquired a midget noticeboard on which I have pinned some reproduction French carte postales from the Thirties. Yesterday I waited in all afternoon for the delivery of a radiator. My corner is in the only unheated room in the house and last winter I knitted myself some fingerless gloves to wear whilst I typed and wrapped myself in blankets so that only my fingers and nose peeped out. No need for those this winter I hope.

And I haven’t finished yet although I have to make sure I don’t get too carried away. I have my eye on a new rug as the floor is just boards. Once I choose a colour theme then I may splash out on some new cushions for the tiny two seater sofa that shares the space with me. If I’m feeling really brave I may even paint the walls when no one is looking.

It’s pathetic really the affinity that I am building with this tiny spot. The rest of the house is lovely and I spend more time in it than any other member of my family so its not like I’m short of space. But this little corner is where the magic is going to happen and I want it to be just perfect.